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100% Organic- our extracts are absolutely pure and potent. We only use the fruiting bodies of the mushrooms to be able to deliver the highest quality to our customers. The easiest way to make your food, your medicine.

Mushroom Extracts are incredible and are certainly the perfect morning energizer if you choose to add them to your coffee. Among all the health benefits, the extracts are super functional and go very well with almost everything.

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Check our Recipes and find your favorite.  The extracts are easy to add and can satisfy even the most demanding tastes. Some of the recipes are our customer’s ideas.

By choosing out product you not only contribute to environmental sustainability, but you also have an extended shelf life of the product and maintain the quality of products for a longer period of time. Packed in biophotonic glass our extract are with exceptional quality from the initial production to the moment you are using it. Our glass jar is perfect for re-use at home to store a large range of products, or to refill it when you get the bigger value pack. Nutri-Fungi is saying ‘’NO’’ to plastic, because we love our nature.

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energy and performance

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The joy of Mushrooms & Enjoy the Life

Nutri-Fungi products are designed to elevate the mind, body & spirit.

We use a selection of organic mushroom species, which most noteworthy we extract and then produce mushroom extract powders.

Nutri-Fungi products are in ready-to-use powder form. They are functional food ingredients, easy to fit in a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Focus and find your inner balance

Defend your health and combat aging

Improve your tolerance to high-intensity experience

Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps, Lion’s mane Mushroom Organic Extracts

Whether you are just “opening the door” to the kingdom of medicinal mushrooms, or you are well familiar with them, it is always fun to have single extracts. This way you allow yourself to explore the benefits that a particular mushroom species has to offer you. There is no better way to learn about mushrooms than researching them and trying out an extract on its own. Your daily regime starts getting shifted. Perhaps you start finding out that you sleep better, your concentration during the day is improved, your ability to cope with daily tasks has increased… These are only a few of our own findings, but it is what many other people report too.

So there should be no surprise, but appreciation instead, of what fungi have to offer us. Medicinal mushrooms ARE great!

Becoming happier, healthier, more relaxed or more productive.

There is a mushroom for every goal