What is the best way to take Nutri-Fungi extracts?

There are plenty of ways for you to use mushroom extracts. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things. From adding it to your coffee, or drink to cooking delicious meals. It is all up to your imagination. You can always visit our blog and get inspired. BLOG

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What is fruiting body?

A fruiting body is generally what you would visually recognize as a mushroom. It is fleshy, contains spores, and grows above ground or directly on the surface of its host, like a tree or old log. The mushroom's fruiting body comprises a stem, cap, and gills, which are what the general populace would eat [...]

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What are beta and alpha glucans?

Beta-glucans and alpha glucans are both made up of a type of sugar molecule called glucose. Glucans possess a broad spectrum of biological activities. These activities help to restore healthy immune balance, up-regulating immune responses in cases of immune suppression while down-regulating overactive responses.

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Can i use the extracts for long period of time?

Sure you can! Before anything - mushroom extracts are food ingredients and superfood. There is no time limit for its use. You can use our organic mushroom extract powders throughout your whole life. But remember - the mushroom extracts may possess adaptogenic properties to the body, so the beneficial response may decrease with time. [...]

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Can children use them?

There are not enough studies available to conclude, that mushroom products are safe for children, so we advise you to talk to your health care practitioner before giving them to children. But we personally think they are safe for everyone from children to the elderly.

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How much extract i can use per day?Is there a limit?

With zero extra ingredients, this is an extremely clean product that offers a great deal of versatility and works well as an addition to food and beverages. For most medicinal mushrooms, there won’t be one dose that will be right for everyone. Experiment with different doses, always starting low and working towards higher doses. [...]

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