How it All started?

Growing up close to nature, one of my favorite things to do was exploring the forest with Grandfather. He was well educated in the fungi field and knew all about the mushrooms growing around us. We were picking them and he was teaching me about the difference between species and how each one of them finds useful applications in our lives. Fascinated by their incredible power and inspired by my grandfather’s knowledge, I decided to deepen into their kingdom. In searching for powerful foods, I realized how little I know about this part of nature and how connected we are to it. My interest in mushrooms prompted me to study Naturopathy and I was able to enrich my knowledge of medical mushrooms. 10 years ago, together with my wife Lucia, we decided to turn our passion into a message. A message that we want to share with all of you. We believe in the prodigious potential of medical mushrooms and feel that they need to have a place in our daily lives. Whether you want to solve a health problem or just to keep your body in perfect balance, fungi are here to help. Nutri-Fungi gave us the opportunity to pursue our ideas and teach people that mushrooms are not just a delicious ingredient on our pizza. They are so much more!

Who we are?

We are Asen and Lucia and we work continually to provide the best quality from the best origins. Our main focus is on developing the perfect balanced products that are 100 % organic and have the highest quality.

We offer 100% Organic High Potency Mushroom Extract Products that are a great addition to your food. Our products are Certified Organic and are grown in their indigenous environment.  The quality of Nutri-Fungi products is always top. All of our organic mushroom extracts are checked to ensure they meet the tight Europen Union regulations for product safety.

Nutri-Fungi promises


100% Organic

We stand by Hippocrates in the statement that the ”food should be our medicine and medicine should be our food”.Mushroom-infused products are becoming more popular globally and successfully used as a functional food. Market research has indicated functional mushrooms as among the most anticipated food trends in the coming years. Extensive elucidations focusing on the efficient health-promoting properties and high nutritional values of mushrooms have been expanded dynamically. Consumers are now deeply interested in bioactive food that provide beneficial effects to the body in terms of health promotion and disease risk reduction. There has been an increasing awareness among people about the medicinal mushrooms, which are now being used as ingredients in coffee, tea, smoothies, and many more. Mushrooms are potent health-boosters, and their documented benefits are extraordinary. We strongly believe that fungi extracts can not only be used as a supplement enhancing our overall health but also as s part of our daily eating habits. We created these products so they can enrich your diet and strengthen the immune system while enjoying your meal.

How are we different?

Nutri-Fungi is a trademark of Good Mushroom Nutrition Limited. Together we fulfill the complete process of manufacturing to retailing. We start right from the source, selecting the perfect mushrooms, and continued with extraction and developing the products. Our extract powders are not encapsulated so you can easily add them to your meal or drink and create your own delicious temptation. Many companies buy the extract powders from us to produce food supplements and other products. In the retail market, these can be extremely high priced. We produce our own extracts, therefore we can offer lesser prices and larger quantities. Just for your information, if you buy a jar with reishi extract capsules 60 gr., ( make sure it is extracted, not just mushroom powder) you will probably pay around 35-40 euros. As you can see, our products are significantly more affordable and yet with top high quality. You can skip the resale costs and enjoy ready to use organic mushroom extracts.

The mushroom journey

Our products

The most commonly used extraction method is hot water extraction. During this process, the mushroom gets cooked for several hours. This draws out the water-soluble polysaccharides – beta-D-glucans and alpha-glucans that make the medicinal mushrooms so powerful. We know that if people consume unextracted medicinal mushroom powders or we eat the mushrooms raw, they are going to get little to no benefit at all. That is why our products are extracted and highly concentrated. They can be used both as nutritional supplements and as ingredients in our food.

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When it comes to mushrooms, there is no organism on Earth that is on the same level of biodiversity, medicinal efficacy, and adaptivity.