We all consume coffee on a daily basis. Some of us do it many times during the day. What if you added a spoon of mushroom extract to your regular dose of coffee and turned it into a pleasant, nutritious, invigorating beverage?

The easiest way to include Mushroom Extracts in your day

Coffee is fantastic for boosting our energy levels and helping us get a head start on the day. It can be even more healthy if you add mushroom extract to it. It has the ability to regulate all physiological functions while also increasing immunity. You may learn all about different mushrooms and pick the one that best suits your present requirements. If you’re not sure, we’ve put up a potent mixture of carefully picked mushrooms.

Vanilla Ice Ice Coffee

In the summer hot days, the perfect cooler and energizer will be Ice Coffee. Try our recipe and we are certain that you will enjoy it.

Ingredients :

150 ml of cooled espresso coffee ( or just boiled and cooled down)

200 ml of plant-based milk ( or milk of your choice)

1  tablespoon of Vanilla liqueur ( or vanilla syrup )

4-5 cubes of ice

1 teaspoon of Mushroom Extract of your choice 

Some wiped cream for decoration if you wish.


After cooling the coffee, add the ice and Vanilla. Mix well and add the milk. Decorate if you desire and Enjoy it!

If you are not a coffee lover you can always add the Extract to your daily sport shake.

The perfect place to enjoy an Ice Cold drink is the Beach.

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