Nutritional supplements are an integral part of the diet of many athletes. Between synthetic and natural supplements, the better choice is the natural product. Medicinal mushrooms are just such a natural source of health and are a great choice for anyone who has an active lifestyle.

intake of medicinal mushrooms and sports

Nutritional supplements can significantly improve endurance and contribute to a feeling of vitality. Taking supplements of natural origin can help increase the effectiveness of training. Supplemental intake of natural remedies, such as medicinal mushrooms, has a beneficial effect on human health, as they are a rich source of important nutrients.

Which medicinal mushrooms are suitable for athletes?

The variety of medicinal mushrooms that have many health benefits is huge. Among them, there are several that are especially suitable for athletes.


Studies on the relationship between athletic performance and diet show that taking Cordyceps extract is very beneficial for athletes.

This fungal food supplement improves the oxygenation of the blood, which leads to increased energy levels. This improves endurance during training and can be beneficial for better athletic performance.

Besides boosting energy capacity and reducing fatigue during workouts or sports, increasing oxygen intake will lead to stronger bones and a healthier brain (and thus a reduced risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease).

Oxidation is a normal and essential process that occurs in your body. However, oxidative stress is an imbalance between free radical and antioxidant activity. As we get older, it’s important to reduce oxidative stress, as it can help fight off pathogens, and thus, diseases. Moreover, it will help slow down aging, which has a number of benefits such as improving sexual performance, memory, brain function, and strength. The benefits of slowing down aging are plentiful. As mentioned, it can improve memory, sex drive, and strength. It can also reduce fatigue, wrinkles, and the graying of hair, among other benefits.

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Reishi is one of the most popular dietary supplements. Intake of Reishi extract has been shown to increase the physical strength of athletes. The mushroom can also improve the recovery processes of the muscles after strenuous exercise.

The almond mushroom

This mushroom (Agaricus blazei) is another non-doping substance, the intake of which is useful for athletes. Taking Agaricus can help us feel refreshed and physically charged. Agaricus mushrooms may protect athletes against inflammation, infection, and asthma. The extract is beneficial for athletes during strenuous exercise.

To maximize the benefits of taking medicinal mushrooms, it is good to do a course of at least 14 days before a strenuous workout or competition.

Instead of energy drinks and artificial supplements, we can add a spoonful to our smoothie or shake on the way to a workout. You can combine the intake of extracts with vitamin C and magnesium for even better results.

Medicinal mushrooms are a great source of useful nutrients and can help improve your results. Before taking it is good to consult a naturopath, who can prepare an individual program for you. If you need such advice, do not hesitate to contact us and our professional naturopaths will advise you.

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